Teckademics Dynasty Parties April 2005


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Teckademics Dynasty Parties April 2005


Teckademics Dynasty Parties - Washington DC April 2004

This year I hooked us up with another fatty suit at the Hyatt Crystal City.  Brought a big crew out from Green Bay, Paul, Anderson, Dan, Dave and Myself.  We went to Fur night club Friday, cameras were not allowed so I don't have any pictures from there.  Saturday we went to Dave and Busters in Rockville, MD for lunch with Teck then we all went to Dream that evening.  We went to dream last year too.  It was raining all day Saturday so the Loft was flooded and they moved our VIP area to the third floor.  Anderson and me helped Dustin out with the Chrome M3 because it wouldn't start after dream at like 4 in the morning.  We ended up getting a flat bed for it, and I drove it onto the truck.  When we got to Dustin's he was just going to have me sleep there but didn't have room for Anderson too so he gave us the Keys to his Honda Passport and we drove that back to the Hyatt, but we got lost in Georgetown (Really Nice area in DC) where we saw tons of sweet cars even a Ferrari, and all the Embassy's of pretty much any country you can think of.  While lost in Georgetown we did some "Urban Off-roading" to avoid the cobblestone roads.  We finally got Dustin's passport back to him the next day as we were leaving DC.  When we brought Dustin's truck back he took Anderson and myself out to breakfast and gave us some DVDs.  I also got Dustin to sign some of my Teckademics DVDs.  Don't forget to buy the new movie Teckademics Mischief Dynasty, where you can see me and my car in it!



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