Teckademics Invasion Parties April 2004


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Teckademics Invasion Parties April 2004
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Teckademics Invasion Parties - Washington DC April 2004

From the first Mischief Movie I was a fan of Teckademics and their Mischief Series.  After becoming part of DTMPower.net and Teckademics I learned of the Teckademics Mischief Invasion Weekend.  I took my buddy Paul on this cross-country Journey to party it up with the Teck crew.  DC was amazing, some of the worst roads in the world, and I thought Green Bay was bad!  The weekend was jam packed with stuffs going on, When we arrived we checked into the Grand Hyatt Washington where I had a suite reserved for us, at check in the Scott was trying to tell me I owed $1,000/night for the room because they screwed up my Hyatt gold passport discount, but that got fixed and I got the pimp suite for only $100/night, tight work right!  After checking into the Hyatt we had to head a few blocks east the out Nation's Capitol for a tour I setup through Russ Feingold, our Wisconsin Senator.  After our tour which I had to cut short we headed to FedEx Field to meet up with the Teck crew.  We meet up with about 100+ cars and took over the highway from DC to Maryland International Raceway, where we had a private Teck suite for the main Teck crew where we got to hangout and watch the races.  Giovanni stole the keys to Ricky's car and drove a moded 350Z to a 15.3 even after talking with the Safety crew getting pointers, hahaha.  Congratulations to Dado and Kristin who got married earlier that day, why wouldn't you want to spend your honeymoon at the track.


Crusing down the highway

Whoo Hoo our first sign for DC

Only 127 more miles!

Hello Penelope!

You want to charge how much?

Our living space

even a stereo

The Capitol

Me in Russ Fenigold's office

Russ's Office

The undergroud tunnels connecting the Government buildings

More tunnels

working on one of the underground cars

a hall of the capitol

A look from the Capitol

FedEx Field

Dustin's MX-6

Dustin and his MX-6

Had to snap it for JP

Ricky's Car

Leaving FedEx Field (Front)

Leaving FedEx Field (Back)

Dado's Car

Daniel's MR-2

Dustin, Kristin and Dado in the Teck Suite

Racing from our suite


Saturday We all meet up at Dream Nightclub in Northeast DC.  Giovanni has hookups with the DC Police and gets the street closed off for our Teck party.  The forth floor of Dream is know as the Loft a Private party only area, which we had access to as well as a suite that overlooked Dream's Loft.  Most everyone had a great time and the others had too much of a good time.  Everyone got smashed.  I got to chat a little more with Dustin, Dado Matt (big white guy) and even Reza!  Later in the night Dado and myself decided it would be fun to start dumping our drinks over the people below our suite in the Loft, funny to us not to others, but no one minded too much!

The Pentagon

The Pentagon

Rolling up to Dream

My Si in the Lineup of Teck cars infront of Dream


Teckademics Mobil Command Unit

The TMUC Commander

MTX car shaking the Street

Teckademics suite

Dustin and Me

Invasion on all monitors in the Club

I think she likes me!

Reza and Me

Dream uses GP product, so should you!

Stocked Full

How did Ricky get in here, Security!

We went through 4 bottles of Moet in 3 minutes

Why pay $9/Drink when you can just steal the whole bottle


Me, Dado, Paul

Dustin gets a lapdance from a I.V Model

OK guys, this is going on 30 minutes

A look down onto the Loft

Go Gio!

Dado explains to Paul that a Focus isn't cool

I guess people don't like us poring drinks on them

We can poor some on the rest of you!

Dado and me, after soaking the boys below

Daniel and his Girl(MissSi99)

Matt and I


I love the Import Velocity girls

Go I.V. Girls

Paul buys some guy a drink after his friend gets punched

Dustin! thats not a shot!

Someone Keyed a Teck Car at MIR, so we make the best of it and let people know where the key really goes

Dustin's not driving his car, wonder why?

Our friends in the Audi



Sunday, Happy Easter!  The Teck crew meets up at H20 for a Easter brunch.  The food sucked but the friends were great.  I say my goodbyes to Teck and we exchange a few phone numbers.

Brunch at H20

Our Hotel

Two Peepholes, one for midgets too

Monday we head back to Green Bay, we pick up the pace for a while in Ohio to make the journey a little shorter and discover that Indiana has a motion detection system along the entire toll way to let us know when animals are near by, also while in Indiana we drive by TireRack's warehouse

making better time

Animal present sign

It's really TireRack


If you would like any or all of the full size pictures or have a question or comment please let me know by email

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