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2nd Place in the Wisconsin Male 16-19 Age Class In 1999

6th Place in the Wisconsin Male 19-22 Age Class in 2000


A few pics of me dishing it up at the races



It was called the Mud run it was the first race of the 1999 Season.  I finished an excellent 2nd place.  Bryan and myself annihilate the field.  There was 5 seconds between me and first Place, the third place person didn't come in for another 4 minutes and  4th place was another 6 minutes



me leading a pack of racers around a corner



Ill beat almost anyone to the top with my hill climbing abilities.  Who gets off their bike to walk a hill in a race?



Motoring along the race course



Ripping off from the start line, because of the points standings I was given a preferred start at the start of the pack of 250 racers



Dishing some single track at the 8th annual Bud Light Challenge in Sheboygan, Wisconsin



Grinding through the sticky mud of another rainy race



Powering up a hill climb



resting up for yet another ski hill climb on the 3rd lap




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